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Host your website using the cloud hosting services by knowing the top 10 cloud hosting services there are:

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Cloud hosting, well again, we have a term that confuses even the people with the best of knowledge. Not to worry, as long as we are here, the word cloud hosting won’t be troubling you for a long time now. And we would also be counting are pick for the top 10 cloud hosting services so that you do not have to break a sweat ever again. Let us start from the very basics.

What is the cloud?

A cloud is referred to as a service accessible over the internet and may include websites and databases. In simpler words, cloud-only means storing your information on someone else’s system through the internet for some time until you would use it again. Cloud computing is that engineering branch that has been into action for a while now and deals with all the availability of computer resources and data storage. The answer to your question of why it is called a cloud is very confusing, but the cloud is the general term given to the internet. Earlier, the telephone networks were depicted as clouds. Later on, the internet took its position.

Hopping on to what is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting means hosting or making your website and application accessible over the website using the cloud. Unlike shared hosting, cloud resource solutions are not deployed on a single server. In typical web hosting, the companies build and maintain these physical servers. In the cloud hosting services, the websites exist on multiple servers through physical and virtual layers making it more secure and reliable.

Why should you choose cloud hosting?

First, if you choose a cloud hosting service, you do not spend those extra bucks maintaining and purchasing the equipment. Also, the data is secure in a cloud environment. It is fast and offers more security and data recovery if your information is lost somehow. It also provides data mirroring, which helps you keep your data more secure and can be used anytime you want.

And for the part about the top 10 cloud hosting services go, we are about to begin.

#1: A2 Hosting:

Cloud Hosting | Best Cloud Hosting Providers 2020

  • A2 hosting has been considered as one of the best cloud hosting services all around the world. They have a wide range of plans which offer shared as well as cloud hosting.
  • It was founded by Bryan Muthig and was formerly known as Iniquinet with the idea that he wants to create a company of web hosting that even the staff would like to use themselves.
  • The turbo servers of A2 hosting provides up to 20 times faster page reloads and is known for high powered and easy to use hosting.
  • A2 hosting has become famous for its cloud hosting plans. A VPS or a virtual private server from A2 hosting can lie anywhere in between from 5 USD to 100 USD.
  • Features that come with A2 hosting providers include top-quality developer tools, reliable uptime, and high-speed performance.
  • The company promises an uptime of 520 ms with unlimited bandwidth and storage. 
  • The overall score for A2 hosting stands as 4.1/5/

#2: Cloudways:

Cloudways Reviews 2020: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

  • The second position for the best in class cloud hositng services is bagged by cloudways. It was founded by Uzair Gadit at pere hospital, on the island of Malta in Europe. 
  • Cloudways is a platform as a service, so they provide their panel for the management of applications and websites in their forum.
  • The max RAM is 384 GB, and the maximum number of CPUs is 96, and a bandwidth of 20 TB. The only thing that is missing is root access. You are not allowed root access in cloudways.
  • The best thing about cloudways is that you can deploy your cloud servers from any of the top 25 global locations; in simpler words, you would never be too far from one of the servers, and this is in favor of your website speed; it would load faster.
  • However, there is always room for improvement; similarly, a feature or two can be changed about cloudways. The fact that cloudways is very popular because of the customer support cannot be denied, but you cannot use it unless you sign up for two paid plans if you want something more than the basic techniques.
  • The bandwidth ranges from 1TB to 10TB, and the storage lies between 25GB to 3840 GB.
  • The overall score for cloudways stands at 4/5. 

#3: Kamatera:

Kamatera Driver Documentation — Apache Libcloud 3.2.0 documentation

  • Kamatera is the global cloud services platform provider which deals in all kinds of cloud services. It was established in 1995 and has provided solutions for cloud computing and information technology for almost 20 years now. 
  • Kamatera is the only hosting platform that will make you the sole owner of what you want to do with your cloud hosting. You will be choosing the IP allocation and also who or who does not gets the root access.
  • Kamatera’s specialty is that it is also highly scalable and provides a faster loading time.
  • Server capacity can be increased and decreased with one touch, and according to your liking, CPU, RAM, and firewalls can be given or taken at your discretion.
  • This cloud hosting service pricing starts anywhere between 4 USD and goes as high as 3700 USD. The bandwidth ranges from 1TB to 40TB, and storage stays between 20GB and 1000GB.
  • The uptime for kamatera can be improved a little as it only gives 99.95 percent uptime. And in terms of cloud hosting, this is a pretty big scale and has a lot of impact over the speed. Where the uptime of kamatera is stuck at 99.95 percent, there are these fellow competitors, which provide an uptime of 99.99 percent, which is pretty good.
  • The overall score for kamatera is a 3.8/5.

#4: Siteground:

SiteGround Web Hosting - Review 2020 - PCMag India

  • Siteground is a web hosting company that was founded in 2004 in Bulgaria. It is a cloud hosting, shared hosting platform that provides various solutions for the same.
  • Some even claim that the siteground is better than Bluehost. Also, if Bluehost’s services are cheaper and lower renewal rates, site grounds performance, speed, and reliability are much better than that of Bluehost.
  • The customer support for the siteground is robust, and an excellent uptime of 99.98 percent does the rest of the job in attracting customers towards Siteground. 
  • The price ranges from 80 USD to 240 USD. A bandwidth of 5TB and a storage range between 40GB to 120GB is adequate. It also offers free backups but no root access. 
  • Also, a money-back guarantee allows the customers to choose and then decide whether they have to continue with it or not.
  • Siteground loses credibility at many places; the main factor that is a turn off for most people is that there is no free domain name, and also the starting price of 80 USD feels like a bump on the road.
  • The overall score for the siteground stands at 3.4/5.

#5: Hostwinds: 

Customer Centric Web Hosting Solutions | Hostwinds

  • If you are on a budget starting for cloud hosting services, you do not need to worry hostwinds has got your back.
  • Hostwinds was a cloud hosting platform founded in 2010 in Tulsa and is Seattle based and offers decent storage and bandwidth if you compare to the prices.
  • The price value for the hostwinds plan starts at a low of 4 USD and go 328.99 USD, suiting according to your needs. 
  • The best thing that hostwinds offers is its hourly breakdown of plans. You can pay according to your hourly usage. You are starting from 0.0069 USD for the basic plan for an hour, and the most advanced plan being easily affordable at 0.459 USD.
  • The bandwidth offered by hostwinds is 1TB to 9TB, and storage goes from 30GB up to 750GB. Also, the root access and money-back guarantee of 60 days is a swooping deal.
  • The point to worry about is that the services and features offered by hostwinds are not so broad, which you may get in a higher paid cloud hosting service providers.
  • The overall score for hostwinds would wind up at 3.6/5.

#6: InMotion:

InMotion Web Hosting - Review 2019 - PCMag India

  • InMotion hosting services have been the best in class business hosting. It is widely known for its shared and VPS services and also offers the best cloud hosting solutions.
  • Users prefer this over any other hosting service because firstly, it offers an uptime of 99.99 percent, which is a lot, and also the customer support has wowed everyone with the availability of 24X7.
  • It offers free domains and backups also unlimited websites and applications, and root access are some of the features which are the best services a cloud hosting platform should have.
  • The pricing ranges from 34.99 USD to 114.99 USD, whereas bandwidth and storage go about 4TB to 8TB and 75GB to 260GB, respectively.
  • There is also a money-back guarantee for 60 days, but it is only valid for plans which exceed six months.
  • When put in comparison with other platforms, it is found out that the RAM for InMotion is clocked at 8GB, which is relatively less and could leave your website with limited traffic.
  • The overall score for InMotion is 3.4/5.

#7: HostGator:

HostGator Web Hosting - Review 2020 - PCMag India

  • HostGator has been proved as the best web hosting service provider amongst all other platforms. It is widely known for its dedicated hosting packages; Hostgator has an uptime of 99.99 percent, which everyone is looking for when hosting a website.
  • There is a complete solution for the storage option. Say if your website has a large amount of data, whether in terms of more webpages or higher graphic content. 
  • The unlimited bandwidth offered by HostGator will provide you relief from the fluctuating traffic.
  • It has three cloud hosting plans, and all of them are in an easily affordable bracket. You can get unlimited email accounts and a money-back guarantee for 45 days. 
  • The price range lies between 12.95 USD to 19.95 USD.
  • The overall score for Hostgator would be 3/5.


DreamHost | Web Hosting For Your Purpose

  • DreamHost is a Los Angeles-based web hosting service that was founded in 1996 by undergraduate students in California.
  • The budget-friendly hosting plans compete with all those platforms which provide all the features but are not in the reach of people on a budget. Luckily, Dreamhost will provide you the easiest and accessible plans at just 4.99 USD and go up to 96 USD suiting according to your needs.
  • You can also access DreamHost on an hourly basis if you do not wish to buy the whole plan. 
  • Unmetered bandwidth, up to 16GB of RAM, 4 CPU cores, and a free SSL security certificate are just some of the features you get with DreamHost. Also, there are free backups for WordPress websites only. 
  • But no service provider can have it all, similarly, in DreamHost, no live chat, call support, and free domain names work against it.
  • The overall rating for Dreamhost is a three on a scale of 5.

#9: Hostinger:

Hostinger - Wikipedia

  • Hostinger is an employee-owned hosting and domain provider; established in 2004, it has gathered 29 million users in a short time.
  • Hostinger offers three cloud-based plans for a reasonable price and all the extraordinary features you could look for in a cloud hosting provider.
  • It also includes unmetered bandwidths, one free domain, and a custom-built infrastructure for high-speed operations.
  • You also get a free SSL certificate with each purchase and have an option to integrate it with CloudFare to secure it from hackers and attackers.
  • The storage space is between 100 to 200GB, and the prices are at a minimum of 29 USD and a maximum of 100 USD.
  • The money-back-guarantee stands fit for 45 days, but there is only a little uptime guarantee, which is 99.7 percent, which is the highest one that it can offer.
  • The overall score for Hostinger is a low score of 2.9/5.

#10: Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services (@AWS) | Twitter

  • The Amazon web services or the AWS is the subsidiary of Amazon, which exclusively deals in providing cloud computing solutions to its customers, be it hosting or anything else.
  • If you compare to the rest of the service providers, AWS wins to be the best in user understandability. It is a hassle-free hosting experience,
  • The free tier version of the AWS provides free services, but that does not last long.
  • The AWS hosting services are at sky-high prices, around 250 percent more expensive than the traditional ones.
  • The overall score for AWS is 3.5/5.

These were our picks for the top 10 cloud hosting services. Also, before picking one, always make sure that anything you choose has a higher bandwidth, more storage, and great speed. 


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